How to Best Arrange Your Designer Furniture Into Your Home

Furnishing a living room is as important as organizing your wardrobe – it’s a matter of deciding what goes well with most things, what feels best and what you might use every day.

As with clothing, basics come first. When choosing the main furniture pieces (ie. chairs, sofas, coffee and side tables), the classics are always the best. Start with a proportioned sofa (as versatile as a favorite black sweater). Throw in a comfortable armchair or leather chair (similar to a well-made suit). Once you’ve got these in place, you can begin to dress up your living room with furnishings that add personality and interest.

It’s important when you choose furniture that you keep the size and shape of the space in mind. Oversized furniture in a tiny room can be overpowering and can easily affect traffic flow, while furniture that is too small may create an environment where the space, rather than the people in it, dominates the room. It’s important to create balance by selecting the right pieces to fit the size, shape and scale of your room.

Furniture that is dissimilar can be linked well by grouping them in the same area, or by relating them to a common line, such as along a wall or next to a rug. You can also arrange your furniture according to the backdrop (ie. a large painting). It’s a good idea to think of furniture grouping as islands. They should be able to cater to different purposes, such as watching TV, socializing, reading a book or playing with the children.